Who is Tyson?
I am a motion designer with ten years of experience in the video production world. Ever since I saw Toy Story at the age of eight, I have been obsessed with animation. It has been a dream come true to tell so many interesting stories through this wonderful art form.
I have worked with a wide range of companies- from mom and pop shops right down the road, to Fortune 500 companies in Mexico and Japan. 
Big or small- everyone has a story to tell!
What does "On Twos" mean?
Back when every frame of animation was 100% hand drawn, the term "on twos" was coined to refer to the practice of holding a single drawing for two frames instead of one drawing for every single frame.
Animating "on twos" was cost effective and time saving- using less resources and work hours. Viewers noted that animations done this way often have a subtle, almost magic energy to them. 
These are the qualities I can bring bring to your animated work- efficient, cost effective, and energetic animations! I look forward to sharing how I can bring your ideas to life​​​​​​​